I can See the light!

Hello world and fellow MKMMA followers and friends….

This experience is challenging me so much yet I know I am becoming so much more aware of my shortfalls and what I need to do to be a better person.

I’ll be the first to admit I have been struggling to commit myself 100% to this experience. My cement has been holding me back. Not so much doubts about whether it works, what’s in it for Mark and the crew as I know they are genuinely trying to help us. My problem is my victim mentality and my existing bad habits that I have been observing in a different way now. I now notice when I do something on auto pilot and even hesitate sometimes and consider why am I doing this, where before I just did it and didn’t think!

I also wanted to know more about what I am getting myself into and dug up some info on Augustine (Og) Mandino. I am now convinced he was an amazing man and have watched a presentation he made on YouTube. Do yourself a favor and look him up. He was (in his own words) a bum at 35. Alcoholic, had lost everything- his money, property, lovely wife and children. He was about to buy a gun and end it all but somehow, he turned the corner.

Having being ALMOST suicidal several times in my past, the last time being the catalyst for me joining the MKMMA, I understand what it is like to feel that way and have to admire a man that has come so far and yet, he is humble still, has a great sense of humor and has given us the gift of his books to help us develop into the beings we are meant to be.

whilst I have been struggling to make the change I also decided I had to read the whole book! Sorry Mark, I couldn’t help it, really! I was starving for knowledge and self affirmation that this experience and the texts were the way forward. I am now sure this is of benefit to us all. You don’t need to read the whole book like I did. In fact, now I am happy to follow the program as set out in the first scroll. I understand that Og intended us to read it this way and he spent many years learning from great men before writing this book. I now have confidence to follow him and to follow the master keys as Og himself has done.

thanks for reading my rant. Straight from my heart. Thanks Andrew Fenwick for your support.

Augustine (Og) Mandino
Augustine (Og) Mandino



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